Safety Films for Windows in Miami, FL

We've all felt that stab of fear at the thought of someone breaking into our car, home or office. At Solar Tint, Inc., we know how important it is to feel secure in your own space. We strive to keep you safe with our protective films. Our products help to prevent home, business and car theft and protect your property.

Stylish, Safe, & Secure Homes with the 3M™ Scotchshield™ Security Series


Get Invisible Safety

We're proud to bring you the most advanced products to keep you safe. 3M™ Ultra Security Series is tear resistant, designed to hold the glass together, protecting people, and property.

Building A Barrier

When someone tries to shatter a window protected by Scotchshield™, the glass will break but remain held in place by the film. A normal car window breaks in three seconds, and it's easy to reach inside and steal something valuable. Our film deters thieves by creating a shield that they must batter for nearly a minute until finally puncturing a hole. This severely discourages smash-and-grabs because the noise and effort are not worth the risk of being caught.

Secure Your Home Today

The experts here at Solar Tint, Inc. will help increase the security of your home with our specialized 3M™ series. Call us today at (305) 663-4663.