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We all love our Florida sun, but it can be surprisingly damaging to the important things in our lives. It causes dangerous glares when you're driving, fades your home's expensive furniture and raises the air conditioning bill for your office. Luckily, the experts here at Solar Tint, Inc. can help stop the damage so that you can enjoy the sunshine again. For more information, call us today at (305) 663-4663.

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For the past 25 years, Solar Tint, Inc. has been dedicated to protecting the cars, homes, and businesses of Miami and South Florida. Every day, we strive to bring you privacy, luxury, and savings with our custom-cut, 3M™ window film.
Whether you want to save money by reducing the heat in your office or car, or if you want to protect a beloved heirloom from the sun shining through your bedroom window, we will provide the best service and high-quality products for you. Get an estimate today — in English or Spanish — and begin the first step toward a stylish, protected, and secure space by calling us at (305) 663-4663.

3M™ Authorized Film Dealer

Solar Tint, Inc. is your local 3M™ dealer. No project can be done well if you begin with the wrong materials. We provide only the most durable and reliable glass treatments for our clients, and 3M™ delivers us top-quality products. This means that we are able to focus on doing extremely detailed, high-end work to get you stylish and safe windows. There is a 3M™ product for every person to meet your needs. Take a look at the services we offer below with 3M™ products.

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Car care is far more than just regular washes and engine maintenance. 3M™ window film is one of the best additions you will make to your car. Our protective window film will reduce the sun-fading of your vehicle's interior, shield you from harmful UV rays, deter criminals and lower your monthly gas output. Whether you want the dark security of 3M™ Color Stable or the invisible stability of 3M™ Crystalline, we have every window film product to fit your vehicle's needs. Click here to learn more.


From a customized decal of your logo to heat-reducing tint that will illuminate your office with soft, natural light, installing 3M™ window film is a necessary investment for businesses. The results will attract customers, improve the productivity of your employees and save you money. Get a comfortable, stylish office that's tailored specifically for your company. Learn more about the types of window films right for your business here.


Don't cover your beautiful windows with heavy blinds. Invigorate your home with our wide selection of 3M™ products. Our 3M™ window film blocks out extreme heat and glare, allowing you to enjoy the scenic view from your home while your valuable furniture and floors stay protected from sun damage. Start enjoying rooms that are naturally bright and cool today. Learn more about our 3M™ residential products here.

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No matter if there is overcast, or the colder seasons, the sun can cause damage to your prized possessions through unprotected windows. Solar Tint, Inc. provides services to keep your things safe and protected, while keeping your space nice and cool. Call us today at (305) 663-4663 to speak with us.