Custom Frosted Glass in South Miami, FL

As a company, we know how important it is to maintain a positive and uplifting atmosphere. We offer a wide range of films that are specialized to reduce cooling costs, increase mood and efficiency and reduce your dependence on electric light. Let us give your business a naturally bright boost.

Invest in a Brighter Business with Our Superior, Professional Products

3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film

Daylight Redirecting Film uses microreplication. This process puts microscopic structures in the film to redirect as much as 80 percent of any natural light — that originally would have hit the floor — up to the ceiling. This lights up the room as much as 40 feet away from the window. You'll see a significant increase in your work atmosphere and efficiency and a decrease in your electricity bill.
A custom frosted glass sign in South Miami, FL

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3M™ Sun Control Window Film

Anyone who has worked on a computer in an office with windows knows the struggles of being blinded by screen glare. Our Sun Control Window Film is specially designed to lower your energy bill, minimize hot spots and provide increased comfort for your clientele — but most of all, it get rids of that pesky glare.

Prestige Series

The Prestige Series reduces reflection and blocks out 60 percent of the day's heat without altering the clean, stylized look of your office. The film ranges from clear to lightly tinted and allows 70 percent of visible light to shine through your windows, giving you a cool, luminous workspace.

Night Vision Series

If your business is confidential or active during later hours, our Night Vision Series has dual-reflective technology that provides daytime privacy while allowing you a spectacular view of the nighttime cityscape. It has 71 percent heat rejection and allows up to 35 percent of visible light through your windows.

FASARA™ Decorative Films

Add sophistication and personalized design to your business by using our FASARA™ decorative films. Whether you need frosted glass for a private conference room or a decal customized with your logo, we'll add personalized, elegant style to your office.

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At Solar Tint, Inc., we're here to help you invest in a brighter business. Whether you're looking for frosted glass films or looking to save on energy costs with a window tint, we have the service for you. Call us today at (305) 663-4663.